Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

A home is one of the largest investments many people make. Commercial property can be critically strategic to the success of a business. When these transactions move forward as expected, each party (buyer, seller and broker; landlord and tenant) stands to benefit. Legal counsel is always advisable before and during such a large-scale transaction. A lawyer can review contracts before you sign and help with legal matters such as a title search or removal of a lien on a property.

Facilitating A Clean Sale, Purchase Or Lease

The purchase, sale or leasing of real property is a high-stakes endeavor for most people and businesses. When you buy or sell property in an urban or rural area, there are many factors which should be thoroughly investigated. Boundaries and access and utility easements are just some of the important things that should be checked and clarified.

Commercial and residential leases are also high-dollar transactions involving detailed contracts. Landlords and tenants both need to be sure they agree on terms, including how the property will be used.

Settling Property Disputes

Civil litigation in the area of real estate requires legal representation. Some conflicts can be resolved relatively efficiently out of court. A quiet title action can remove challenges or claims to a title that may stand in the way of a clean sale of the property. Other cases may require the involvement of a court. Adverse possession of real property may redraw property lines that have been under dispute.

Other conflicts involving real estate can be very technical and complicated. These include contentious cases over easement rights, access roads and property boundaries.

A Beneficiary Deed As Part Of An Estate Plan

As part of overall estate planning, beneficiary deeds can be used to transfer real property such as your house to your beneficiaries at death. A beneficiary deed bypasses the probate process. It allows property to transfer directly to one or more beneficiaries. This strategy can be used to avoid a trust and the expense associated with a trust. This is one of various options available to plan for the disposition of your estate and for handling your needs according to your wishes if you become incapacitated.

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