What To Do After A Car Accident

At The Scene Of A Crash

1. Stay at the scene.

2. Call the police, or request that a witness call. Communicate the basics but do not engage in lengthy conversation with a law enforcement agent or investigator before you have a lawyer on your side. It is important not to try to handle the legal aspects of an accident yourself. Your words could hurt your case.

3. Render first aid to others involved if you are qualified. Do not move any injured unless their life is in immediate danger.

4. If possible, keep vehicles in their original positions. If necessary, move as little as possible.

5. Stay in your car if injured.

6. Do not admit responsibility.

7. If injured at all, seek medical attention at the scene.

8. Gather information at the scene and other evidence. Important info includes name, address and phone number of all those involved. In addition, license number and insurance information of all drivers involved is important.

If your car is towed, be sure to find out where it is going to be towed to so you can alert your attorney right away. Failure to keep track of your car's whereabouts can harm your case. Claims adjusters and juries typically take wrecked cars seriously when deciding whether to acknowledge an injury.

Last, take notes about the scene, weather, traffic and skid marks. The accident will be investigated by either the responding police officer or a crash unit. These officers will interview all parties and take statements on the accident. In addition, the office should provide all parties with contact information.

Once the investigation is complete, the officer will issue a formal report, and criminal charges may be made.

After An Auto Accident

1. Immediately call your auto insurance company to inform them.

2. Make a follow-up appointment with your physician. Although there may not be any apparent injuries, this step will be critical in case pain develops later. You may have a ruptured disk or a neck injury and not realize it while the shock of the accident takes over. It is important to consult with a doctor to determine the nature and cause of an injury that may bring expenses or disablement down the road.

3. Contact an attorney to understand legal rights and responsibilities.

4. Follow your lawyer's advice about critical issues such as:

  • Why you should not discuss your accidents or injuries on social media forums (Facebook, CaringBridge and others) without legal guidance
  • The importance of keeping a log describing your physical condition each day as your injuries heal or develop into worsening conditions
  • What records to keep (such as medical bills and related expenses) and how to organize them to make your case progress smoothly

4. You may need to report the accident to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Your lawyer can verify this issue in your case and assist with this and other legal matters.

For More Information And Guidance

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