Charged With DUI/DWI? Take Action Now To Protect Yourself.

A drunk driving arrest is a frightening thing — and rightfully so. It is one area of criminal law in which you are considered guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. Your liberty and your future are at stake after an arrest. A driver's license suspension may apply right away. A conviction could mean jail time, fines and penalties, and a criminal record.

You have a lot to lose after an arrest — and every reason to fight for your freedom and your future, whether your DUI/DWI case is a repeat occurrence or your first time in contact with the criminal justice system. To work toward the best attainable outcome, talk to a knowledgeable defense attorney right away.

Understand Your Challenges

The first step forward in a DUI/DWI case should be a clear understanding of what you are up against. You no doubt have many questions that demand answers as soon as possible:

  • "Will I lose my driver's license?"
  • "Will I go to jail?"
  • "How can I prove I was not impaired?"
  • "Will I be stuck with a criminal record?"

Protect Your Driving Privileges And Your Good Name

It may help to realize that a DUI/DWI case will touch on two different areas of the law and at least two different systems to deal with:

  • Administrative law involving the Office of Driver Services that issued your driver's license
  • Criminal defense involving the local or state court that will determine whether you have committed a crime and how you should be punished, if so

You may need to request an administrative hearing very soon if you hope to keep your driving privileges. At the same time, your lawyer will want to start an investigation into the circumstances of your arrest. What he or she learns will have a strong impact on your chances for a successful defense.

Seek A Knowledgeable Attorney — A Skilled Advocate

Meanwhile, you may have other concerns such as auto insurance and potential career consequences. Your lawyer should help you address all critical issues. Jeffrey G. Malm, Attorney at Law, in Harrison, Arkansas, is available to fight for your:

  • Freedom
  • Constitutional rights
  • Driving privileges
  • Reduction or avoidance of criminal charges and penalties
  • Long-term best interests

Get Answers And Help In The Face Of DUI Charges — Contact Jeffrey G. Malm, Attorney At Law

Every case is unique. There is no substitute for working directly with a local, experienced defense lawyer who will get to know you and work hard on your behalf. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible by calling 870-743-7009 or 888-253-0269 (toll free). You may also submit an email inquiry through this website for a prompt response.