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People who truly can benefit from bankruptcy are people who typically exhaust their efforts in paying bills. Bankruptcy, to them, is viewed as defeat, and they would rather take on second jobs, drain retirement accounts and face incredible stress instead of declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal right.

The truth is, bankruptcy exists for these exact people: Hardworking individuals who enter into debt with every intention and ability to repay those debts according to the terms outlined in their loan agreement. When difficult, unfortunate situations arise, like the loss of employment, unexpected medical bills or mortgages that have spun out of control, bankruptcy provides individuals with an opportunity for a fresh start. Working with a Boone County bankruptcy lawyer at the Malm Law Firm to determine what option is right for you is your best chance for success.

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Bankruptcy is a very nuanced area of law that, if handled improperly, can leave you with debts that are not fully discharged and the loss of investments that could have been saved. Before making any drastic decisions regarding debts and bankruptcy, speak with Jeffrey G. Malm, Attorney at Law.

Chances are, an individual who is facing bankruptcy is also facing relentless harassing phone calls from creditors, is having his or her wages garnished, has levies placed on property he or she owns and has potential lawsuits on the horizon. Do not wait until the last minute when solutions are available today.

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The Malm Law Firm will take the time to go over the details of your case and will work with you on an individual basis to determine what type of debt relief options are right for you, whether that involves filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to have your unsecured debts discharged, Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect your home and assets from liquidation or something else.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer today. They can simplify the answers to complicated legal questions and give you what you need to make informed decisions. The Malm Law Firm will be there every step of the way for you, making sure you are taken care of to the same degree.

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